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Is Welfare Partly Responsible For The Total Breakdown Of The Two-Parent Black Family Structure?

Unfortunately, many Black men and women of the "Conscious Communitytoday (myself included) strongly believe that one of the "BIGGEST PROBLEMS" facing the Black community is THE TOTAL BREAKDOWN AND DEVASTATION OF THE "TWO-PARENT" BLACK FAMILY STRUCTURE, WHICH IS STILL BEING INSTIGATED AND PERPETUATED BY MAINSTREAM SOCIETY AND BACKED BY THE WELFARE STATE, EVEN TODAY....

With the growing number of unloved, unwanted, illegitimate, bastard Black children.... 

Why Are So Many Quality Black Women Single Today?

"I Don't Need A Man, But I Desire To Have 
One....So Why Am I Single?"
Today there's a very significant number of professional Black women who have positioned themselves for success with BA's, MD's, as well as PHD's.....but unfortunately, 70% of them are still without the more elusive title: 


Besides losing hordes of Black men to women from other races, besides losing Black men as a result of the 1.1 million Black men who are currently incarcerated, and besides losing Black men to the down-low (homosexual) lifestyle as well as the ever increasing homicide rate among Black men today, there are other major factors that are keeping more and more Black women single now than ever before.....

Black Men vs Black Women! (Why The Battle Of The Sexes)

Surely you must know that there's a very intense "war" going on today between multitudes of Black men and Black women. This is a long running war that has pit a very large number of Black women against Black men, and a very large number of Black men against Black women. 

This is a brutal war that has for the most part manufactured a race of men and women who are suffering a great deal as a result of very severe mental, emotional and psychological scarring on both sides. 

A war that we Black people could have and should have squashed a very long time ago, but distressingly, some Brothas and Sistahs today revel 
in fueling this very bitter, out of control, ever increasing gender war to the point of destroying the.....

Mental Slavery! (7 Concepts As To Why It Still Exist Among Many African People Today)

Many of you may be wondering - "Why are we still talking about slavery in 2014151 years after it was abolished way back in 1863?"

The reason is because unfortunately 400 years of slavery still has a debilitating effect upon the "conscious minds" of many Black men and women today to the point it's very difficult for many of them to "LIBERATE" their minds from all of the many negative and mentally scarring atrocities imposed on the Black race throughout slavery and beyond.

Today, the bodies of many African men and women may be "FREE" but their minds are still held "CAPTIVE" despite the vocal expressions of the many "Black Pride" enthusiast such as myself and the many attempts to assert the positive contributions of Africans to the developments and improvements of today's modern society world-wide.

Here in the United States Black History Month is celebrated every February which happens to be the shortest month of the year (LOL, go figure). However, the initial goal of Black History Month is to highlight the many "positive" contributions of Africans to our modern society today as an effort to raise the consciousness, the awareness and to also help promote and elevate the status of African people world-wide. Many little-known Black History facts have been revealed in promoting Black History Month and have served as an inspiration to many. But the true question is: "Has it....

Casual Sex! (A Multi Billion Dollar Annual Addiction For African Americans)

Sex in it's most illegal form is a major struggle for just about every race, culture and ethnic group on planet Earth today. However, the issue of sex, especially Casual and or Recreational Sex today is a major battlefield for most African Americans, with far too many economical explosives.

In today's society where moral values have ceased to have meaning, except for those individuals who are dubbed by the masses as being too old fashioned, square, socially  disenfranchised, or just a plain old nerd - I would have to write an entire book to address the many issues of sexual addiction in its most illegal forms.

We cannot deny the fact that people and other cultures all over the world are struggling a great deal with "self-control", as it pertains to sex in it's most illegal forms. 

But for now, I....

Who Really Benefit The Black Hair Care Industry?

"If you want huge economical success in America today, 
just find something to market to African Americans!"

The Black hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today, and the Black community does NOT benefit any of this revenue at all. There have been estimates of $11-18 billion dollars in annual earnings by a collective group of Korean business men and women who sell Black hair care products within the African American communities all across America. The three part series or video documentary by award winning filmmaker Aron Ranen shared in this post (below) clearly sheds much more light on how 80% of the Black hair care industry has been taken over and controlled by the Koreans.  A must see documentary for all Black people, especially all Black women.....

Is Chivalry Dying Among African American Men, or Is Feminist Black Women Killing It?

Today, it's virtually impossible to count the number of Black women whom I've heard say; "I get more respect from other men than I do Black men." In fact, this same group of Black women claim that Black men today treat other women with more respect than they do their own Black women. As a result, the attitudes of multitudes of Black women have really changed concerning Black men over the past 40 plus years. 

There was a moment and time when Black women would "NEVER" praise other men over Black men for their treatment of them. However, that was then….this is now! 

Though this chivalry issue (or the lack thereof) seems to be one-sided or one of the biggest complaints from Black women regarding Black men today, I truly believe chivalry as it pertains to the African American community is diminishing as a direct result of how....

The N-Word! (A Term Of Endearment Or Ignorance?)

I have a very profound question to ask, or rather a thought-provocative challenge for a certain class of African Americans: 

Question: Why is it okay for you to use the word NIGGER to reference yourselves but whites and or other Non-Blacks can't use the word, even as a term of endearment? Isn't that kind of bias to say that only a certain group of people can use a particular word to reference themselves, but other groups of people can't?  

Doesn't this seem to be some type of unfair double-standard, or is it just plain modern-day ignorance on the part of a certain class of African American people today?

Why do so many African Americans have to use that profane word in the first place when our ancestors fought so hard for nearly a century to banned the word? 

I can remember reading an article about a "white" male who shouted "NIGGER at an African American man in the street, who had to be cleared of "racial abuse" after a court agreed he was merely using the word in the form of "street slang" or as many African American people today would foolishly classify it as being....a term of endearment. 

The "white" guy aka Christopher Jones, who claims he has "more African American friends than white friends," was....

Are You Mentally, Emotionally and Morally Prepared For True love?

Everyday Black men and Black women enter into relationships and marriages hoping for the very best only to be astonished when they finally realize that the individual responsible for ruining their marriage or totally destroying their relationship was the man or woman in the mirror. 

In just about every case one or both individuals were totally unprepared for love….but neither of them had any idea that they or the individual they chose to espouse or enter into a relationship with wasn't ready for true love.

Today, there are hordes of Black men and Black women in relationships who are very selfish and very opportunistic and who have absolutely NO clue as to what true love is. Due to this lack of knowledge many of them are attempting to build solid relationships and or marriages on very weak foundations such as; illicit sex, money, power, prestige and other material requirements where true love and commitment are unrequited. Unfortunately, it seems as though many of these men and women are NOT looking for a husband or a wife today as much as they are looking for.....

The Subtle Subversion of Black Manhood - 101

"Check out my Jolly Rancher locks."
You know I am very much amazed when I talk to some of our Brothas today and find out how very little they know or even understand about true manhood and about becoming a quality man as a whole. Some Sistahs today amaze me as well with regards to how very little they know or even understand about quality manhood. 

With that being said, how did so many Black males today come to misunderstand the true meaning of manhood? 

Why are so many Black males today opting to forego true manhood? Why do so many of our young Black boys, as well as our 40 and over boys have a subtle, subverted view of what manhood truly is?

To answer those questions, we must critically examine what it means to have a subtle subversion of manhood…