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Casual Sex! (A Multi Billion Dollar Annual Addiction For African Americans)

Sex in it's most illegal form is a major struggle for just about every race, culture and ethnic group on planet Earth today. However, the issue of sex, especially Casual and or Recreational Sex today is a major battlefield for most African Americans, with far too many economical explosives.

In today's society where moral values have ceased to have meaning, except for those individuals who are dubbed by the masses as being too old fashioned, square, socially  disenfranchised, or just a plain old nerd - I would have to write an entire book to address the many issues of sexual addiction in its most illegal forms.

We cannot deny the fact that people and other cultures all over the world are struggling a great deal with "self-control", as it pertains to sex in it's most illegal forms. 

But for now, I....

want to "STRONGLY" address the issues of "Casual and or Recreational Sex" and the hot pursuit thereof as it pertains to African Americans, as well as the economical repercussions that affects our Black culture a great deal. 

Sexual addiction in it's most illegal forms are on the rise and many people today namely African Americans are totally unaware of the devastating consequences.

Just the over-all TIMEMONEY and ENERGY we spend persuing Casual Sex, weather to boost our ego, or for materialistic favor(s), or for lustful gratification, or because more and more people today strongly believe that marriage is over-rated and completely out-dated is totally overwhelming.

"The Most Infamous Adult Playground, 
and where you may find that husband or 
that wife who claims to be working very 
late, or who claims to be working on the
This includes the money we spend on clothes, booze, clubs, cruises, trips, hotels, motels, drugs, fragrances, jewelry, make-up, hairstyles, etc., in preparation to indulge in Casual and or Recreational Sex.

I recently conducted a survey of my own and discovered that in 2012 alone, we (African Americans) spent about 2 billion dollars on hotels and motels, 22 billion on clothes and shoes, 6 billion dollars on hair and nails and roughly 2.3 billion on alcohol (32.3 billion total) and unfortunately, this spending survey was focused on a very small time window which started around Friday at 3:pm, up until Sunday around 5:pm, during which time period Casual Sex is at it's highest peek.

Remember, this survey does NOT include the rest of the week, and to my surprise in such a small time-frame during the weekend, the men and women I surveyed manage to spend 32.3 billion dollars!

Just imagine the economical impact 32.3 billion dollars would have on our homes and communities if we were to invest that kind of money towards "education" alone for our young people, as well as for our seniors who can NOT read or write. Just imagine how many "JOBS" we would be able to create for our own people within our own communities if we were to invest 32.3 billion dollars into Black businesses.

"$149.00 for a room at
The Crown Plaza?
WTF.......Imma Kill Him!"
Not only are there harmful economic consequences for Casual Sex and or Recreational Sex, but the game of lying, sneaking, denying, playing, laying, delaying,  STDs and hoards of unwanted Black children usually becomes the norm for most of the males and females involved.

SEX is the world's BIGGEST BUSINESS and many of us are being manipulated sexually by our everyday surroundings, especially by the Mainstream Media, the Promiscuous Music and Movie Industries along with other very persuasive, lustful human beings.

I know this will be hard for some of us to swallow, but I strongly believe that total abstinence from premarital Casual and or Recreational Sex (including masturbation) will definitely help us to gain a great deal of "self-control" over "that thing between our legs" and more importantly, the most precious possession we'll ever own.....which is "our mortal bodies!" It would also allow us to better prioritize and control the BLACK DOLLAR.

"Great sex is like oxygen, you never realize how 
important it is until you're NOT getting any!"
As a race, we have been turned-out by modern-day society and made to be lustful SEX MACHINES, very eager to "perform" on every cue with just about any and everybody. 

It should frighten us that our children today are sexually way ahead of where we were at their ages. I strongly urge us all to spend more "quality" time to study with and teach our young people some of the basic morals and principles of human sexuality that we ourselves neglected for so long.

To the surprise of many, our young people are thirsting for self-knowledge and how to understand moral human values and the role these values along with many other very important values play in their daily lives.

Our continued refusal to face the fact that we have allowed "Casual Sex" to control many of us to the point of losing our spouse, families, friends, careers, businesses, ministries, communities, and more importantly, OUR SELF-CONTROL, can only insure that our children will inherit a future where sexually transmitted diseases, accidental motherhood, deadbeat fatherhood and unwantedillegitimate Black children through sexual immorality will continue to reign within most African communities all across America.

"Why is it called "Premarital Sex", when me and my man
don't ever plan on getting married?"

    So How Where The Above (economical) Statistics Gathered?

Again, the numbers above were gathered from a survey that myself and a few of my colleagues in "Social Behavior" conducted and gathered amongst ourselves. And please be advised, the numbers (above) are NOT padded by any means. Instead, they are pretty much moderate. They were derived from about 70,000 plus single African American surveyors all across America for a period of one year. 

The survey asked everyone to include all of the special events and preparations they believed were very essential to complement an intimate weekend with that special individual. They were also asked to give an estimation of how much money they were more than likely to spend preparing for that intimate weekend with that special individual. These preparations included much of the economical expenditures mentioned above.

"Husbands" are great for those rainy days, but I strongly believe
"Friends With Benefits " are very necessary just in case it never rain!"

blackporn.jpgThis particular survey was conducted for sexually active (Black) singles only. For the most part, this is how most Behavior Specialist conduct their work, especially those that are studying societal and cultural behaviors. It's done through "active" surveys extended to everyday people.

And again, the numbers above are pretty much moderate because only 70,000 of about 26 million sexually active single African Americans between the ages of 21- 40 took the survey. Believe me, the actual numbers are much higher! My colleagues and I just conducted a very modest survey using only 70,000  participants for only 365 days!

                            With that being said a second survey comes to mind: 

How Many People Do We Potentially Have Sex With (Indirectly) During The Course Of Our Struggles With Casual And Or Recreational Sex? 

   "Sex is not sinful, only sin has perverted it!"

Basically, my initial questions regarding the "second survey" are as follows:

Have you ever thought about the number of people you've slept with indirectly? Can you recall the name(s) of every single person you've had Casual or Recreational sex with? Do you ever ask your partner(s) how many people they've been sexually active with before and perhaps while they were with you? Do you think more men and women today should have that discussion before engaging in "uncommitted" Casual sex? 

Just because someone looks good, looks healthy and looks very immaculate on the surface does NOT mean that they are! I know this is a no-brainer to most of us, but you'd be surprised at the amount of males and females today who get caught-up and have NO qualms about indulging in "UNPROTECTED" Casual or Recreational sex with an individual they know absolutely nothing about. It’s very important to get tested, stay protected and most of all, talk to your partner about their past sexual experiences as it pertains to Casual and or Recreational sex.

Do you take your Friend With BenefitsEnigmatic Lover(s), or Casual Sex Partner(s)
for GRANTED simply because they looked OK on the surface? If so....GET TESTED! 

Though condoms are the most popular way to safeguard against contracting STD's, they are NOT 100% guaranteed. And juggling multiple sex partners also increases the risks for HIV/AIDS.

At the end of this post, I will share a web link that will take you to a website which features a:


Basically, this program will allow you to see how many people you've slept with based on your partner's sexual history. The numbers are calculated by how old you are/were and the age of all of your casual sex partners during the time you had sex with each of them. Once all the numbers are crunched together the program spits out a figure that is sure to surprise most people and hopefully put practicing SAFE SEX into proper perspective.

"Casual sex today is not only costing
us a significant amount of  
It's also costing many of us our lives!" 
While the sex calculator is merely an estimation of your number of indirect sex partners, it does "highlight" how exposed you can be to STD's and HIV/AIDS if you do NOT practice safe sex. With that being said, safe sex might NOT be the cure for every STD, but it does make for smarter sex

Please click on the link at the end of this post and use the sexual degree of separation calculator to see how many potential people you may have slept with (indirectly) in the past. The numbers may be quite shocking! 

The photo-captions above are a clear depiction of how morally deficient most Black males and females are today with regards to uncommitted casual sex, love and even marriage.

Black people in this country collectively earn well over 800 billion dollars annually....

                                                                (Hunching My Shoulders)

                                                                      "WHERE IS ALL OF THAT MONEY GOING?"

So yes, it is quite possible for a very modest 32.3 million or much more of it to be spent on events leading up to uncommitted sexual activities. Again, sex is big business these days as I have previously illustrated, and as a race of people, we have the highest percentage of children born out of wedlock. So I guess we can ALL conclude that our sexually active singles are very busy these days, but in ways that come with very sever cultural issues, health issues, life threatening consequences and unfortunately, a multi-billion dollar price tag!!!

Below is the link I promised to share with you all. Please share this link with others you know and love who may be heavily engaged in Casual and or Recreational sex with multiple individuals! 


                                                               All thoughts are welcome!



  1. wow! this was a very revitalizing has showed me that i am definitely doing the right thing with my choice of lifestyle. Although, I feel it plays a big part on why im not in a relationship i'm okay with that. Because I AM & have MORE TO OFFER than just the vagina between my legs.

  2. Wow, after reading this , I am extremely proud of my choice to be celibate, and in will continue to be until the Heavenly Father unites my King and I


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