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About Us

Black Men And Women "United" For Black People was created for the sole purpose of revealing many of the major cultural issues within the Black race to hopefully awaken the African consciousness, and to arouse a sense of urgency in all African people to re-shift,  refocus and reset our social, economical and political agendas. 

These are very critical areas for our cultural survival as we continue to move forward into the 21st century.

Our overall level of existence on a global level needs to improve drastically if we ever plan to compete and or rewrite our own history by setting much better "cultural" morals, goals and standards for ourselves and our future generations to come.

With that being said; the main objective is to "UNITE" Black men and women back together as one by "exposing" the many roles each gender play regarding our current cultural issues.

This collective unity must first began with Black men and Black women "clearly understanding" the multitudes of cultural issues we have today and the role each gender (as well as mainstream society) play in helping to create them.

Cultural issues that continues to keep us on a reciprocal treadmill of self-hateself-devaluation, poor economics,,very dependent, uneducated, inferior and in total denial of our current cultural issues.

To go somewhat deeper into the subject matter: Cultural issues that continues to exclude marriage, eradicate the two-parent family unit, liquidate gender unity, ignore honor and completely shut the door on race pride. Issues that continues to place other cultures and other ethnic groups high above ourselves, as well as cultural issues that keeps us driven to economically invest very heavily into everyone but ourselves.

We encourage ALL African men and women to join in on the topics. Share your thoughts and perceptions for the collective good of all African people in the U.S. and abroad. No we are NOT racist, nor are we preaching hate! We are simply persuading ALL African people to embrace and promote a "BLACK FIRST" mentality!" 


Just as other ethnic groups are proud and very much about their own people FIRST, Black Men And Women United For Black People are advocates of a profound "RACE PRIDE" mentality as well!

Collectively, African people on a global level have got to start doing the things they have been told for so many years they CAN NOT DO! We have to also (collectively) start accomplishing the things that we've been mentally conditioned to believe over the years we CAN NOT ACCOMPLISH.  

Again, Black Men And Women "United" For Black People was created to reveal the worst in us, in order to hopefully "WAKE US UP" and bring out the best in us!

"Though we may have left Africa on many different slave ships....if we don't "UNITE" on a global level, we will all end up in the same boat!"

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