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Who Really Benefit The Black Hair Care Industry?

"If you want huge economical success in America today, 
just find something to market to African Americans!"

The Black hair care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today, and the Black community does NOT benefit any of this revenue at all. There have been estimates of $11-18 billion dollars in annual earnings by a collective group of Korean business men and women who sell Black hair care products within the African American communities all across America. The three part series or video documentary by award winning filmmaker Aron Ranen shared in this post (below) clearly sheds much more light on how 80% of the Black hair care industry has been taken over and controlled by the Koreans.  A must see documentary for all Black people, especially all Black women.....


Part - 1

Part - 2


                                                                         Part - 3

As we have witnessed in part 3 of the above videos, the Koreans often exclude non-Koreans from the Black hair care industry by refusing to distribute Black hair care products to Black merchants or for them. If so, they will charge all non-Koreans much higher prices than they would normally charge fellow Koreans. 

And what's most disturbing about it all is that most Black people today won't think twice about supporting a Black owned hair care business that's $1-or $2 more, because most of them never even ask themselves why the Korean products are much cheaper....and for the most part many Black people today don't even care. This is very poor economics on the part of African Americans, namely African American women!


Also, Koreans ONLY employ Koreans in their establishments which are mainly located in Urban Black communities all across America. They NEVER give anything back to the multitudes of African American communities who support and patronize their businesses. 

Have you ever witnessed a Korean- sponsored event in any Black community in this country ie; basketball teams, baseball teams, community swimming pools, drill teams, marching bands, book mobiles, or financial support to help feed and shelter the poor and homeless in many of the African American communities they exploit? 

                                                         "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

"WOW......helping Black women heal their low 
self-esteem is a very lucrative business in the US!"

Please Note: Koreans and other Asian immigrants do NOT have to pay taxes for the first 5 years of living in the United States. As a result, their profit margin is much higher, especially due to the fact that they also ban together and buy Black hair care products in bulk. The two concepts above are mainly the reason for the much cheaper prices found in many of their businesses today.

The Koreans thrive on "UNITING" together as one big organized family of entrepreneurs, who collectively share knowledge and buy in bulk to increase profits, while Africans Americans continue to suppress knowledge from one another and independently pay much higher wholesale rates due to their poor decision to stand alone in a very lucrative market that's big enough to support all of them, while at the same time bring economical stability back into the African American community. 

           The Koreans are currently proving this very fact!


The Black hair care industry at one time, was  one of the most popular methods for bringing revenue into the African American communities. Now we have completely relinquished all of that economical success over to the Koreans. We have no one else to blame for our poor economical structuring, or our lack of businesses in the Black community, especially Black hair care businesses. Moving forward as a race, we will continue to depend on others to support our social and economical needs, because we continue to foolishly invest very heavily into every other culture but our own. 

We continue to foolishly invest very heavily into the future of everyone else's sons and daughters but our own. As it pertains to Korean businesses (namely their fast food, nail and hair care businesses), the Black dollar is actually the only dollar that's keeping them thriving and very profitable. In essence we are paying for their children to steal our children's future. Black woman, this is not "strong" nor is it "independent"!

Sistahs, please help US bring economical stability back into our own
communities! The Korean are "laughing" at us all the way to the bank!

                               All Comments Welcome!!!!


  1. Our company AWNI products is set to do just as U speak. Calilema marketing wil give U a thought process and action plan.
    Let's make time start again for our people. talk is chep, but land cost money.

    Call me 856-979-2200; Let connect the Dots!

    1. Yes, talk is cheap, but the reality is that pride, honor and dignity has to start within ones own mind.

      The entire battle for African Americans is all mental, but the possibilities for us to turn ourselves around as a race of people are always endless!

      In order for a positive re-shift to take place among us, we must first learn how to deactivate our slave-like mentalities, our crab in the basket mentalities, our greed, our selfishness, our distrust for one another, our inferior complex, our self-hate complex, our self-devaluing antics and the list just continues to go on and on.

      We shouldn't have to dig Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. up out of their graves in order to accomplish this. All we really need to do is embrace their over-all thought process, regarding every African individual, starting with the man or the woman in the mirror!

  2. Even down in London it's the same. It's sad to see that many people our making money from our community and our money goes to them. Instead of trading within our community

  3. Ok so how can we even compete if we can't access the products to sell?

    1. @ Anonymous......The solution is quite simple. We must access the products in the same manner as everyone else is accessing the products (namely the Koreans), and that by manufacturing the (hair-care) products ourselves.


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