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The N-Word! (A Term Of Endearment Or Ignorance?)

I have a very profound question to ask, or rather a thought-provocative challenge for a certain class of African Americans: 

Question: Why is it okay for you to use the word NIGGER to reference yourselves but whites and or other Non-Blacks can't use the word, even as a term of endearment? Isn't that kind of bias to say that only a certain group of people can use a particular word to reference themselves, but other groups of people can't?  

Doesn't this seem to be some type of unfair double-standard, or is it just plain modern-day ignorance on the part of a certain class of African American people today?

Why do so many African Americans have to use that profane word in the first place when our ancestors fought so hard for nearly a century to banned the word? 

I can remember reading an article about a "white" male who shouted "NIGGER at an African American man in the street, who had to be cleared of "racial abuse" after a court agreed he was merely using the word in the form of "street slang" or as many African American people today would foolishly classify it as being....a term of endearment. 

The "white" guy aka Christopher Jones, who claims he has "more African American friends than white friends," was....

charged with using the racially aggravated words and or behavior when he was overheard using the racial slur to a group of males, one of which happened to be an African American. 

I'm NOT a Racist....I only called them what
they call themselves today....that's all!

The 43-year-old hip-hop fan argued that it was impossible for him to be considered a racist because he simply used the word "NIGGER" as a "term of endearment" or in the same manner as most African Americans use it regarding themselves today.

He went on to say; "This is just how I speak. I am not a racist. I was using it as slang or again, in the manner that many African American people today use it - as a term of endearment.

                       The Original Use For The Word Nigger.

male_slave_in_chains.jpgThe word "NIGGER" was created and used by the oppressors of Africans during slavery.  

The word was used to demean and dehumanize African slaves who were thought to be inferior, as well as socially, morally and economically disenfranchised.

It was associated with a falsely created perception that African people back then were uncivilized, lazy, good-for-nothing animals

Sadly, too many African Americans today foolishly use the word "NIGGER" as a term of endearment, and unfortunately, it has become a common cultural reference to African people by African people, especially by our young hip-hop and thug subcultures. Because our young children, as well as our 40 and over "grown" children are NOT taught "race pride" they are forced to adapt to and embrace "street pride" and all of the classless destructive, negatives that comes with it.  
Total disrespect of one's self, as well as their own people I believe openly invites the same disrespect from other ethnic groups, particularly when those being disrespected are willing to tolerate and embrace it on a daily basis, from one another. 

So is the common use of the word "NIGGER" by a certain class of African Americans today to reference themselves really a term of endearment or just plain ignorance spawned by self-hate and or as a direct result of cultural devaluation

If the word NIGGER can in any way be regarded as a term of endearment by African Americans today, then why can't whites and other non-Blacks use this word in the same manner without being accused of being racist? And if we don't want whites or other non-Blacks to refer to us as being NIGGERS, then we should "STOP" referring to ourselves as being NIGGERS altogether, even as a so-called term of endearment or as a futile attempt to take the racist sting out of the word.

The truth of the matter is this: The sting is apparently still there if any African American is offended by a white individual or another non-Black individual referring to them as being a NIGGER, or the same word many of them foolishly refer to themselves as being.

       Please Note:

  • The Asians are not walking around calling themselves; "Chinks" or "Gooks" as terms of endearment or to take the racially motivated sting out of those words!
  • The Latinos or Hispanics are not walking around calling themselves; "Spics" or "Taco Benders" as terms of endearment or to take the racially motivated sting out of those words!
  • The Jews are not walking around calling themselves; "10% off" or "Kikes" as terms of endearment or to take the racially motivated sting out of those words!
  • The Middle Easterners are not walking around calling themselves "Sand Niggers" or "Camel Jockeys" as terms of endearment or to take the racially motivated sting out of those words!
  • And the Europeans are not walking around calling themselves "Honkies" "Crackers" or "Red Necks" as terms of endearment or to take the racially motivated sting out of those words!

So why are so many African Americans today foolishly walking around referring to themselves as being NIGGERS, NIGGAS or NIGGAZ? It's totally disrespectful to our race, our culture, our heritage and more importantly, it is totally disrespectful to our ancestors who fought very hard and perhaps even gave their lives for Africans to be treated equal, and with the same amount of respect as everyone else.

kat_williams_using_the_word_niggas.jpgPlease note: The word "NIGGER" was the greatest child racism ever gave birth to. The NAACP and a host of other African American civil rights activists and freedom fighters fought so hard to kill it, but today many African people young and old, continue to "foolishly" resurrect it! 

That's just plain ignorance, inspired by mis-education, self-devaluationand it will continue to be used by a certain class of African American males and females as a result of Black- on-Black degradation!

It's OK that many African Americans can call or refer to themselves as "NIGGERS". That's when it's classified as being defanged or a term of endearment. But when a white or another non-Black individual call those same class of individuals the same thing they revel in calling themselves, especially as a so-called term of endearment, all of a sudden it's very offensivederogatory and all hell needs to break loose.

                                    How ignorant is that?

I'm totally against anybody using the word NIGGER, regardless to weather they are Black or non-Black. It's only a term of endearment when everyone can use it without anyone being offended

There are laws today that protect Africans and prohibits the word NIGGER from being used publicly by whites or other non-Blacks as a reference to describe African individuals, yet many African Americans today without shame, pride or dignity publicly uses the same offensivederogatory word to refer to themselves and it's OK. Is that fair? Is that honorable or again, is that just plain ignorance?

Why Am I So Against African Americans Using The Word Nigger?

Egypt Africa!
Answer: Because I strongly believe "HISTORY" should tell a people who they are, where they come from and what their potentials, and aspirations should be as a collective ethnic group or as a race of people.

It should also include what they should call themselves or refer to themselves as a collective ethnic group or as a race of people no matter where they are located geographically, or regardless to what their ethnic struggles may be.

Successful cultures stick to their roots and they are very proud of their heritage, no matter where they are in the world. 

Many Africans here in the U.S. are so infatuated with so many different cultures here in this country that they have completely disregarded their own. This is why many of them will continue to promote and celebrate Christmas as opposed to Kwanzaa in the month of December! BUT I DIGRESS......

For the sake of future generations to come, the name(s) African Americans call themselves from this day forward should provide the next generation a clear understanding of our rich heritage by connecting them to a geographical land mass, a language, a culture, a religion, a philosophy and so forth etc. 

There is NO such place as NEGRO LAND or COLORED LAND! And there's NO ethnic group in Africa today who calls themselves or refer to themselves as being Niggers, Niggaz or Niggas.

Black people, we are the descendants of AFRICAN ancestry....SO LET'S START ACTING LIKE IT

Proper identification with our Roots by learning our true HISTORY (not HIS-STORIES, LIES or HERESIES) is going to be a very important step towards total mental liberation regarding Africans born here in the United States of AmeriKKKa.

If we get very upset and offended when a white or another non-Black person call us a NIGGER, can we really render the word as being powerless, defanged or a term of endearment? Or is it a down-right ignorant double standard on our part? 

I think the word should be dead and buried altogether. Again, too many of our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives in their all-out efforts to make that possible. As a race of people who continue to fight for "justice" and "equality" on so many different levels, collectively "WE" shouldn't want the efforts of our past Civil Rights activists to go unrewarded. 

Personally, I don't stand for anyone calling me a "NIGGER", Black or white, even though, it's not what people call you, it's what you answer to. So let's all collectively remove this irrelevantprofane word from our vocabulary! 

If everybody CAN'T use the word NIGGER, then it has NOT been defanged nor has it been completely transformed into a term of endearment

It's so sad that even a child (by the name of Johnathan McCoy featured in the video below) is wise enough to clearly understand the destruction of the perpetual use of the word "NIGGER by so many classless, ignorant African Americans today!"


                       ALL THOUGHTS ARE WELCOME!!!


  1. I am not African American. I come from a different time, a time when calling someone the N word meant you were probably going to get into a fight. You used it if you wanted to demean someone, make them feel like crap. You used it when talking about African Americans, not white people. The word, in any spelling, is not part of my vocabulary. If I ever decide to use it it won't be because I want a handshake and a hug. To consider it a tern of endearment is ignorant, period. I guarantee you if I approach a black guy on the street and say "hey you effin N" he's gonna want to kick my ass, not hug me.
    It's not a term of endearment. The sooner everyone gets that thru their thick heads, the better.

  2. Great post Mr. or Ms. Anonymous,

    I couldn't agree with you more! Because of it's profane use to describe African people throughout slavery and beyond, it should NEVER EVER be considered or classified as being a term of endearment, especially by African people. The great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said; "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

  3. The truth is Black people are often dishonest about the use of this word. We often use it as a careless curse word or to dehumanize each other. Context matters with words and if we are honest often the context for nigger is negative or careless. I'm not one who says it should never be said but its easily one of the most dangerous and destructive words ever. I wonder how many Black men and women heard the word nigger before they were killed.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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