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The Subtle Subversion of Black Manhood - 101

"Check out my Jolly Rancher locks."
You know I am very much amazed when I talk to some of our Brothas today and find out how very little they know or even understand about true manhood and about becoming a quality man as a whole. Some Sistahs today amaze me as well with regards to how very little they know or even understand about quality manhood. 

With that being said, how did so many Black males today come to misunderstand the true meaning of manhood? 

Why are so many Black males today opting to forego true manhood? Why do so many of our young Black boys, as well as our 40 and over boys have a subtle, subverted view of what manhood truly is?

To answer those questions, we must critically examine what it means to have a subtle subversion of manhood…

      The Road That Seems To Be Most Traveled!

Many of our Black sons travel the road from boyhood to adulthood but they somehow never reach true manhood. Many of you will be angry at me for revealing these negative truths, but the reality is this; what affects most of our Brothas today has greatly infected our entire race as a whole. This is one of many reasons why at least 70% of all African American women today have NO guaranteed Black male prospects for marriage, or why many choose to remain single. This is also primarily one of the main reasons why there are hordes of unwanted Black children all across this country and abroad. 

And today, it's the number one reason why in record numbers, many of our Brothas have taken up permanent residence in the penal system or the local cemetery.  These are not personal criticisms folks, these are just irrefutable eye-opening truths! The question we must answer is, "How did so many Black males today miss, undoubtedly, the most critical part of their lives… the part about becoming honorable Black men?" To answer that question we must dissect the two most critical words mentioned above. The words: subtle and subvert.

To be subtle means: 1. So slight as to be difficult to detect or describe. 2. To operate in a hidden, usually injurious way. 3. To be cunning and crafty. In Genesis 3:1, the Word of God reveals, Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field…” We’ll come back to that later.

To subvert means: 1. To overthrow from the foundation. 2. To hinder the normal operation of. 3. To sabotage. 4. To undermine the character, morals, or allegiance of. 5. To pervert, as the mind, and turn it from the truth. 6. To corrupt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please note: For over the past 40 plus years, there has been a very sever subtle subversion of Black manhood. Thanks to very common yet very destructive entities such as; the stereotypical movie industry, the violent music industries (namely Gangster Rap), deadbeat fatherhood, young inexperienced motherhood, drugs, alcohol, feminism, poverty, substandard education, racism and more importantly, cultural peer pressure, Black manhood is slowly diminishing. All of the above entities play a major roll in the rebellious process, and more importantly, the emasculation process of Black manhood. All of the above negatives collectively destroyed the normal process of properly transitioning our Black sons from boyhood to manhood. 

"The New Black Woman!"
Sadly, many of us don't even realize it but the mainstream media and feminism are collectively the greatest forces working together to overthrow Black manhood off of its proper foundation. That's the real reason why America embraces Black women who are raising children alone (namely Black boys). This is also the reason why so many of our Black males are so feminine today, and why so many of them are very obsessed with wearing earrings and sportin long hair, and why many of these effeminate Black males today are as equally obsessed with wearing such feminine hairstyles as braids, Afro-puffs, crimps, long ponytails and of course "Jolly Rancher Locks.  

This mass destruction of Black manhood is mainly accomplish by systematically and methodically undermining the character, the morals and the allegiance of these males while they are very young.

This subtle subversion of Black manhood has strategically taken place right under our noses. Yet, because it was instituted and instigated in such a crafty and cunning manner that most of our people, including the Black Church, prominent Black community leaders, and of course the masses of young, inexperienced Black parents all missed it. 

All of them have NO clue as to how the past and current plot to destroy and totally eradicate Black manhood is being played out. 

So what does the subtle, subverted version of Black manhood look like today? The subverted version of manhood foolishly convinces the average Black male today that he has reached the pinnacle of manhood when....

He has the ability to make money and acquire wealth by slinging crack throughout his community while at the same time placing himself, his women and his children in harms way at the hands of nearby rival drug gangs!

 He has the ability to acquire a male status symbols by bullying his hood and not being disrespected by another nigga. Not with his bare hands though, but rather with a loaded gun and a few of his crack slinging, tag-along neighborhood flunkies. 

 He has an admirable physique that most of the neighborhood hoochies are willing to (morally) die for.

 He has athletic prowess on the basketball court, the football field, the baseball field and in the boxing ring.

 He is well versed and at top of his game at exploiting women sexually, and in many cases financially.

 He is adept at keeping his women in-check mentally, emotionally, psychologically and if necessary....physically. 

He has the ability to successfully shrug his responsibilities and not take life (in general) very seriously.

 He has the ability to make babies and get away with NOT taking care of them.

 He has the ability to hold his liquor.

 He has the ability to handle his drugs.

 He has the wherewithal to get away with criminal activities because he has his whole neighborhood on lock, and people are afraid to snitch for fear of retaliation! 

 He has the ability to control or manipulate others, including the ones closes to him.

 He has the ability to beat the system.

 He is over eighteen years of age.

 He is a bona fide thug, rapper, baller and shot caller.

 He is not afraid of dying or being incarcerated.

All of the above negative attributes are what most Black men today foolishly constitutes as being a real man. Again- those who have had the most devastating effects in the subtle subversion of Black manhood are as follows : 


1 - The Media and Hollywood: The influence this group has had in subverting Black manhood is undeniable and totally immeasurable. The role models for the average young Black teen male are found on MTV, BET, the basketball court, the football field, the baseball diamond or on some concert stage, thugged-out behind a mic. Ironically, many of the prominent Black male athletes and entertainers that our young Black boys so faithfully admire are very blunt in declaring that they are NOT trying to be anyone’s role models! To prove their point, their lives are riddled with drug and alcohol addictions, paternity lawsuits, divorces, domestic violence, arrests, infidelities, public vulgarity, rebellion, suspensions, fines and many other erratic and bizarre immature behaviors.

Music is another primary influence that shapes how these young males will conduct themselves when they reach adulthood.

Using the sophisticated guise of rap music, hip-hop, danchall and gangsta rap, Satan has been able to effectively inspire many African American males to forgo true manhood and embrace the destructive thug sub-culture.

Instead of manhood, they opt to imitate the thug spirit. To many of these young misguided Black males today, being a neighborhood thug is clearly a preferred badge of honor! The definition of a thug is: 1. an aggressive young criminal 2. a deceiver 3. a robber 4. a cutthroat 5. a hoodlum. 

The devil has successfully used music and the hip-hop sub-culture to trick these young males into placing more value in themselves for wanting to become career criminals and very rebellious street hoodlums.

The resultant effect? A report published by the Washington-based Justice Policy Institute, says the number of Black men behind bars has grown by more than seven times in the past 20 years. Even worse, according to a recent study, there were roughly 900 thousand Black men imprisoned in this country in the year 2010, compared to only about 603,032 enrolled in a college or university. 

To those of you who still don't get it.....That is the epitome of mass subversion of Black manhood! And for the record; 92%  of the entire prison population in this country today are comprised of Black males. Add to that the staggering Black-on-Black homicide rate where two Black males are taken off the street courteous of one incident, where one went to prison and the other to the local cemetery. Complement the above with interracial relationships, where 6 out of every 10 interracial relationships in this country involves a Black male and it's no wonder why 70% of all Black women in this country are single and 42% of that number have a man but are still less likely to marry. 

"Thugs For Life!"
In the mist of all this mayhem, mass incarcerations, feuds, drug wars, street violence and murder and many other forms of  criminal behaviors, our Brothas and many of our Sistah are in extreme denial. If you asked them, most of these males would swear that they are exemplifying nothing more than true manhood. 

They are so convinced that they foolishly pride themselves on persuading other misguide males to follow in their footsteps. I mean c'mon...can we really expect these types to conduct themselves as real men of pride, honor and purpose, after being mentally conditioned and totally subverted from manhood by the likes of the aforementioned males? But as mentioned earlier, it's NOT just peer pressure and the Mainstream Media that harms and corrupts the morals of our young boys.

2 - Dysfunctional Homes: Dysfunctional homes are also a major factor in failing and demoralizing our young boys. A dysfunctional home is one that is headed up by a sexually indiscriminate male, a promiscuous female, a criminal, an abuser, an alcoholic, a drug addict, or by someone who is very unstable: spiritually, mentally and or emotionally. These households are gridlocked with domestic violence, tension, abuse, neglect and loads of sexual immorality. Boys who grow up in these type of households rarely receive any moral training at all, let alone manhood training. They are left to their own imaginations and they become societal ticking time bombs. By the time these boys reach adulthood, they have been fed a heavy dose of subverted manhood.

3 - Fatherless Homes: Many of the boys who grow up in fatherless homes (which are the vast majority today), often grow up with no spiritual, moral or mentally strong Black male role models as part of their lives. This is why many of them grow up very feminine. The average female in their lives have good intentions, but I strongly believe a woman can no more teach a boy how to become a man anymore than a man can teach a girl how to be a woman. 

Simply stated, most fatherless boys often grow up to become very insecure, emasculated mommas boys. They rarely make for good husbands and or good fathers for that matter. Not all of them, but most of them, because personally, I had to learn the hard way with regards to my own two sons, but I thank God that things worked out for all of us involved, and my two boys grew up to be very honorable men. 

However, for the most part, boys raised in fatherless homes increase the rate of illegitimate children, they increase the the staggering divorce rate (even in the Church), and again, fatherless boys are also the primary reasons why the American Penal System house more criminals than any country in the world, which is/was a major part of the plan from the very beginning aka, the planned destruction of the Black family unit. Please refer to my article: Prison, America's New World Slave Plantation!

So Black People, Where Do We Go From Here?

black_men_dressed_in_drag.pngFirst – we must stop feeding our young boys a heavy dose of violence, adult situations and silly antics in the form of COONERY and BUFFOONERY. We must individually reject all negative opinions, interpretations and variations of Black manhood that's being fed to us via the negative, stereotypical Mainstream Media. That means rejecting the negative thoughts and stereotypical perceptions that the movie and music industries portray Black men as. Do NOT support the non-productive coonery and or the silly buffoonery or any of the other negative images depicting Black men or Black women for that matter in the movie theaters, on BET or within the music industry. 

Do NOT give heed to the negative, stereotypical hype that's being feed to us by "man-hating" feminists, unlearned Black preachers, gangster rappers, as well as inexperienced single mothers, regarding Black manhood. Our instructions about quality Black manhood must come from quality Black men alone. We must accept no substitutes, alterations or adjustments from anyone else, especially not from effeminate, misguided males and or hostile man-hating females. Black man unless you take a stand, your manhood will remain challenged and subjected to global emasculation.

Second - You must understand this indisputable fact. When a young male is not properly trained by another quality male in the principles of manhood growth and development, the default will always be that the young male will resort to perpetrating manhood in the most negative ways possible. Does that mean that all fatherless males are destined to fail? Absolutely not!!!! But the vast majority of them will struggle through life battling the things that are cleverly plotted out for their failure.

Third – Learning to master manhood is a process that involves focus and very intense mental conditioning. It must be done very consistently by very honorable Black men, through guidance by instruction, and by example.

father_2_son_man_to_man_cartoon_1.gifFinally – Black man, you must master your role by making a sincere commitment to train up and mentor other young Black men, even if they are not your biological sons. This mandate comes from the Holocaustic conditions of our broken homes, our broken communities and and more importantly the broken spirits of our people. It is now being placed squarely upon the shoulders of Black men. Again, that means whether they are your biological sons, stepsons or young men in your church or community, you have a cultural responsibility and obligation to train them up to become men of pride, honor and dignity

Black man, as you excel in your role, your women and children will benefit the most, and collectively we will stem the tide, and reverse the subtle subversion of Black manhood altogether! We have to go to work immediately and give our women and children something to be proud of. 

My Brothas, men of other races are challenging your manhood far beyond the outer reaches of the nearest bedroom. 

             They are asking the following questions: 

Black man....

Where is your farmland and food processing plants, so that you can process your own food products and manage your own retail food chains? 

Where are your educational institutions, so that your Black children can learn their true history and not somebody else's lies, heresies or HIS- stories? 

Where are your real estate and construction companies, so that you can build up your own neighborhoods and communities? 

Where are your automobile and other major manufacturing companies, so that your sons and fellow man will never have to TOTALLY DEPEND on another man for their future survival? 

Where are your major airlines and tourist industries? 

Where are your NBA sports teams and arenas, since most of you dominate the sport of basketball? 

Where are your hospitals and medical research centers, so that you can create your own medications and vaccines, and maintain your own genetic and cultural based health issues? 

And finally, with an estimated 800 billion dollar annual income....

 Where are your world re-now financial institutions, or your globalized Wall-Street stock symbols and economic structures that will allow you to invest very heavily in your future, the future of your women and children, as well as the future of your native Africa


Black man, have you even considered that you, your women and your children have to totally depend on a racist political, social and economical system for survival? 

As US "property" or nothing more than a spending, consuming materialistic people who represents a very high octane boost to the United States economy - that which we are lead to believe to be partly ours is NOT really ours at all. 

Please take a few moments to chew on that one as you view the following video, which is very profound, and a must see for ALL Black people: 

                                        The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys!


In closing: Our overall condition as men and as a race of people today clearly shows that we need to step up our efforts and get our act together, NOT only in this country, but collectively on a global level. In other words......

                     "PUT DOWN THE GUNS AND PICK UP A BOOK!" 

                                           All Comments Welcome!!!


  1. Well stated and covered all areas. Critical thinking is what is needed nationwide.


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