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Where Has The "All Natural" Black Woman Gone?

From QUEEN of the NILE to QUEEN of DE-NIAL!

Unfortunately, Afrocentrism seems to be dying in America and many other predominately Black countries abroad today?

Many Black men today (myself included), have a very serious problem with the vast number of Black women today who are ashamed of the color of their skin as well as the texture of their hair. Black women who are completely transforming and outright denying their beautiful Afrocentric features.

Let me start by saying; I have absolutely nothing against women from other races, creeds and cultures but the ALL-NATURAL Black woman (in my opinion) is the most "beautiful" woman on the planet. So why DON'T many Black women today embrace that? Why do so many Black woman straighten, perm, fry, dye and or weave their hair, instead of leaving it "all-natural" (the way God created it)? Why do my beautiful Black sisters continue to plaster on make-up and or bleach their skin just to look lighter, brighter and or whiter? Are they not content on looking like the QUEENS OF THE UNIVERSE in which God created them to be?

Sadly, it's because many of them today are mentally conditioned via the mainstream media (TV) into believing that Afrocentric beauty is NOT a standard of beauty in America today. 

Also, it could be due to the vast majority of Black men today who totally disregard Afrocentrism once they achieve economical success. These men foolishly believe that marrying a woman from another race, will provide for them unrequited love and true happiness, along with social acceptance from the Euro-centric community. 

To who ever said "MONEY" can't "BUY" love or social acceptance, I'm quite sure these guys will totally disagree! 

Could it also be due to a "SELF-HATE" complex spawned yesterday via slavery? Why is there a constant rise in the percentage of Black woman having liposuction to reduce their breasts size? Why do they constantly want to be a frail size 4, when naturally they were created on average to be a very curvaceous size 8 and up-wards? Isn't it funny how women of other races, creeds and cultures today are very obsessed with tanning and are becoming as equally obsessed with obtaining larger breast, hips, buttocks and even thicker lips, all of which Black women are blessed to have "naturally". So why is Eve wasting "millions" of dollars annually, to look like her other female counterparts, while at the same time, her other female counterparts by the masses are spending "billions" of dollars annually to look like her? 

Is there "any woman" out there who can help me figure this out?

My theory is this: The American/Euro-centric media has compelled ALL women of every races, creed and culture to look a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. Fortunately for all other races of women the standard of beauty was centered around them because they all pretty much look the part that's considered by Euro - America to be a standard of beauty. So it's not really much of an adjustment for them. However it is a big difference for Black woman today because they are completely different from the class of women deemed beautiful. 

So to feel beautiful as well as socially accepted in today's Euro-centric society, many Black women yesterday and today (by the masses) are psychologically persuading themselves to get rid of their Afrocentric hairstyles, as well as the natural thickness of their "full" figure and replace it with an Euro-centric look.

                            What Happened To Black Beauty? 

Sistahs, is it fair that other men get to keep their queen (according to his standards) for what she has always looked like, but Black men don't get to keep their beautiful Afrocentric queen because she's trying to live up to what the rest of society today wants her to look like? So now many proud, Afrocentric Black men today don't have the luxury of obtaining a beautiful "all-natural" Black woman anymore. All we have now for the most part is a "wanna-be", and many Black women today who don't have the Euro-centric look are trying so desperately to achieve it while the all-natural Black Ebony queen is nowhere to be found.


I strongly believe that Black women who are mothers and even Black fathers today should encourage their young Black daughters that having kinky, curly or wavy hair is is truly divine. Not only is it divine, but it's the choice hair of God. Even God has kinky, curly and nappy hair according to the King James Bible.

God Himself, is described as having "hair like pure lamb's wool" (Dan. 7:9, Rev.1:14 ). 

Please keep in mind ladies, that the power that causes galaxies to spiral and planets and atoms to spin; that causes the double helix spiral of DNA molecules is the same spiraling power that causes spiraling hair... foolishly known to many people due to racism and ignorance as "BAD" hair! 

The words, SPIN, SPIRAL, and SPIRITUAL all have common roots! The Supreme Power that spins and spirals is also Spiritual. It moves or spirals our universe! The entire universe dances in spirals and rotations; everything in it reflects the "SPIRaling, SPIRitual" essence of God, from whom it was made! The "SPIRal," especially the Golden Spiral is simultaneously the most profound motion and design in the entire universe, which is manifested into all lifeforms, from seashells to man as well as mankind, to even the divine spiraling hair of ALL African people as well as ALL of our descendants!

Your blood spirals through your veins! Plants spiral up from the soil! And woolly, nappy, curly, kinky hair spirals out from the hair roots! Ball your hand into a fist and slowly extend each finger and you all will see for yourselves how the tip of each finger opens in a golden spiral-like path! Non-Black people (again) also have the spiraling effect on their heads as well, visible as a whorl pattern with its center towards the back of the head, where their straight hair grows out slanting in the whorl's direction. Woolly haired or African people have "BOTH", the whorl pattern and the individually spiraling strands of helixical coiled, spring-like, nappy hair....which is the choice hair of God Himself!

The Afro  QUEEN   VS  The  Euro  WANNA-BE......
The Biggest Inner Struggle For Most Black Women Today!

According to the Bible, Jesus was a Nazarite: a vow of Nazarites was to never cut his hair but "let the locks of the hair on his head grow" (Nm. 6:2,5, Lv. 19:27; 21:5). The word Nazarite is from nazar, meaning unshorn. Woolly nappy hair, if simply washed & dried but never combed or brushed, will naturally entwine into long locks as it grows. Sampson, the most famous example of locked hair, had seven locks. (Jg. 13:5, 16:17,19) . 

And to those of you who have naturally "LOCKED" hair, please "STOP" referring to them as; "DREADLOCKS!" The word DREADLOCKS was derived by British slave owners who though African slaves where inhumane savages, and their "locked" hairstyles was considered wild and very "DREADFUL". Surely there's nothing "dreadful" about divinely, locked, all-natural African hair! It's those fake wigs, weaves, as well as that processed crap that's "DREADFUL!"

Our African hair is really antennae which can receive and transmit energy! Today's Rastafarians explains that locks are a major quality of Black people; they (locks) are said to be like high-tension wires, which transmits divine energy and inspiration from Jah (God), the creator, to Rasta, the mirror.

True self-love is when you except how God created you, 
including the color of your skin, as well as the texture of your hair!

As Black people (Black women especially) awaken to true self-knowledge, true self-love and true self-acceptance, the negative racist mental conditioning with respect to their divine naturally spiraling, kinky hair as "bad" and straighter hair as "good" will cease! 
Most of the human hair that many Black women purchase today for weaves, wigs and or micro-braids, comes from India or Asia, where the women while making sacrifices to their God(s) shave their head. In-tern the Masque leaders then sell this "sacrificial hair" to the United States

Ladies, (Christian Women Especially), That In Itself Is Very Unsettling! 

Once here in the U.S., the hair and other so-called Black hair care products are largely sold to Korean merchants who dominate the Black hair care market. It is also interesting to note that in a multi-billion dollar market that exists exclusively for Black people, Black people and Black owned businesses are the least likely to profit from it. Lastly, the large amounts of money that Black women are willing to pay for a weave and or micro-braids that may lasts for about 2-3 months (depending on her activities and or hair exposure), can range from around 250 to 15 hundred dollars, which is totally ridiculous. Can you hear laughter Black woman? Everyone else is getting $$ rich $$ from your low self-esteem

                                                    "No one can make you feel inferior without your 
                                                                  permission girlfriend!" 

So let us all better educate ourselves concerning natural Black beauty so that our young Black daughters don’t have to feel ashamed because they don’t have long silky hair like girls of other races and they don’t have to go to the salons when they are older to get straight hair to feel attractive about themselves and or to feel attractive to their Black men. Real Black men love and cherish Black women just the way God created them simply because Real Black men know that God created the Nubian Queen first, and then He created other women out of what was left over. 

This is a very serious issue (not that it hasn't been addressed by many intellectuals before). But for the record Black woman, your hair is "more" than just a style. It's apart of our profound history! 

"What If Most Black Men Today Were To Start Looking
This  Ridiculous? Would Black Women Be Attracted?"

               "Black Woman Your "Naturally Divine" Black Crown Is One Of Few!" 

"I'm Michelle Obama....and I approve this message!"

Furthermore, the most beautiful Black women of all-time are the one's who are educated and NATURALLY decorated - NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES!

                                                                   Below is my "Wall of Fame

I want to thank all of our gorgeous Black women who continue to keep Afrocentric beauty alive within the African American community today!







Exactly The Way God Created Them!!!

                                          All Thoughts Are Welcome!


  1. There is nothing on Gods earth more beautiful than a feminine, intelligent black woman who carries herself like a queen.

    1. unfortunately the queen is dead, in America at lease.

  2. Thanks for the post Richard,

    I most certainly agree. All natural, Afrocentric Black women are the cream of the crop, especially when they present themselves as being completely drama free, full of self-love, and have the greatest love and respect for quality Black men!

  3. I love black women natural. I think its sad how black women feel that in order 4 them 2 get hired they need to conform to the white man's standard of beauty. black unity black love black life.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this but I must speak on something. I am a natural black woman but I haven't always been natural. My mother started relaxing my hair when I was very young so it was pretty much all I knew. I was a slave to the routine of getting a touch up every other month. It wasn't that I was self hating...or trying to look white. I was a product of my upbringing and environment. I wanted to look like all the other black girls at school and I knew that if I ever ever stopped getting a relaxer, people would laugh at me and call me nappy. These are the things I cared about as a teenager. Life was just easier to be relaxed. I now understand why that stigma is there. Not everyone is educated on their history and can see themselves for how they are and how they act. I dont think the other kids would have thought that it was self hatred but just a kind dont walk around the hood with a nappy head kind of thing. But I know now that this type of mentality HAS been passed down whether people know it or not and that it IS a subconscious form of self hatred. If I knew then what I know now at 30...I would have done it anyway and lived through the mockery regardless.

    It took me up until I was 29 to stop relaxing my hair, I'll be 31 next month so I will be 2 years natural soon. The only reason I did it was not because there was a natural hair movement going on, because at the time I didnt even realize it until someone told me after I already cut my hair, but because hair was breaking off and wasnt as long and thick as it used to be...and 2...because every time I saw a natural woman with her hair out it ALWAYS caught my attention. I always thought 'wow shes gorgeous'. I figured why not! I just didnt care anymore. I stopped caring about relaxers and makeup all together. In my opinion now...I havent felt freer or looked better in all my 20s with a relaxer

  5. Though this is quite a late response, I agree with Phoxxie (considering my hair is still relaxed all these years later from my mom starting it). And I agree with the article to an extent. Yeah some trying to get that euro look and what not I used to see things like that myself (specially the blonde its just like why). However, I don't let my environment tell me how I should appear/what beautiful is. After talking with some friends similar to my ways they agree that hey we love the fro n such even bald but PERSONALLY we'd rather have our hair long and straight. Also that everyone wants what they don't have. I know plenty of euro people who want thicker hair. I just wanted to put that out there. (for i know of the people out their bleaching and weave etc to actually LOOK European white) but there are others who prefer this because after looking at both beauties we decided straight long hair for ourselves. That doesn't mean that we cant carry ourselves like a queen just because our hair is straight.

  6. Many of us had our hairs permed at a very young age so we didn't have a choice or a clue what was really going on.

    At the age of 11 my Mother, permed my hair it took me 6 years to realise about how bad permed hair is and how I should become natural as I was when I was born. Now I have been natural for years!

    Thankyou Lord for my beautiful hair!

    Also, this post is amazing. Keep up the great work.

  7. The Naturalistas are still here, and I don't think we're going anywhere. Even Essence magazine now has a section devoted solely to the upkeep and celebration of natural styles, thank God. Natural care salons are popping up everywhere, even in white as snow areas like Seattle, WA. I do my part by trolling the net and preaching the gospel of self-love in the wilderness of Eurocentric beauty standards. I honestly believe every black woman that straightens her hair is tacitly admitting that the white woman is the standard she must emulate. I say to hell with that. I have nothing against the white women or other women with naturally straight hair, but I am not trying to look like them. I possess a unique God-given beauty of which I am proud and I walk in that beauty every day. The media is constantly telling us that our skin, our hair, and now even our naturally curvaceous bodies are not good enough. When you start hearing about how our extremely fit first lady is "fat" and that Beyoncé is a pig because she's not built like a stick insect, you know to be on high alert. To guard your self-esteem against these blatant attacks, to not give in by any means. To me, not giving in means keeping my hair in its natural state.

  8. I love me nothing but a natural black woman simply because I feel like a black women can understand and relate to me more so than any other ethnic type of women

  9. The problem I see is that our race is to stuck on TV and gossip talk, they try to mimic what is on TV and what they hear and think that's the norm. The family is broken and no man around to validate there daughter or sons so now you stuck with generations of folks that don't see them self as quality.

  10. I love my black woman and nothings wrong with nappy hair!I love you so much!I love your smell,touch,and I love your tender kiss forever my love.God made you from my rib you're me and I'm you.

  11. I have think curley hair that i hide with hair peaces im looking into growing my hair out more natutley cuz hair peaces get to old and dryed up ima just keep it real hmmm its an exspense and hurting my pockets my man always tells me take that hair of and let my natral hair breath he loves me for me and he had dated and had babys by you white women anyway now going on a job i do think wild hair would not be Americas top look and u may not get the job or someone outside ur race may ask u to put it in a pony.tell or pull it back with a head band or something to get the job again equaling up to there standerds i do sadley feel that i need to have straight long hair to look good but after reading this and hearing my man tell me how good i already look with my hair peace is changeing my thought process all the negativity we black women get working at.good jobs and eductaing or self and childern we should not feel angry or have anger lets do something about it for the real black men that sees the true streath love power that a real black women can offer cuz there are plenty fakes in both genders.last thing im working on my anger and knowing god has a perpose for my life and he wouldt want me to let it go to waist ,cuz of other races im working on my anger not haveing a black fathet around and mother on drugs going to home to home to.the streets dont let the crooked cop one stop shop to.jail.and theres the anger theres your hate but i can say i chilled out on.having angry thoughts and now im about to be a newley black female wed to a strong good black man good black man i repeat and i feel its only fair to show my man the goodness in me in bed and outside the bed lol im feeling thankful black women rock in so many ways and so strong we have to use.that to please or men and ourselfs no.self hate not hear just got a better understanding of how god wants things to be thank you lord i belive now i will achive

  12. This is sad that our black woman think they have to change to look beautiful.Black women you are just as beautiful or more beautiful with your All-Natural looks.I love our black women. They are the most beautiful women on earth. They are second to none. Sister you are sexy and beautiful just the way you are, do not change to meet other standards. I love our women to the day I die. Love y'all

  13. Love our black woman just the All-Natural way they are

  14. The blacker the better, natral black women are hard to come by


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