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Pregnant And Alone - (Babies Having Babies!)

Up To 90 Teens Pregnant At A Memphis High School!

Unfortunately, too many young, inexperienced, single Black women today (High School teens especially) constantly fall into the trap of being left pregnant and alone! 
Although their circumstances may differ - For the older inexperienced women, they may be engaged to be married, in a monogamous relationship, have a live-in lover or a casual sex partner

For the high school teen, they may be still living in an already struggling single-parent home, and perhaps may never get to finish high school, or have any desire to marry. 

Again, the circumstances may vary, but the end results in many cases are always the same. Their baby's biological father abandons them after they announce they are pregnant.

I have witnessed countless young inexperienced Black women who struggle with this very critical issue for quite sometime now. For many, the emotional storms they are forced to go through are absolutely nerve wrecking. They experience everything from severe depression to suicidal tendencies to resentment toward the child and its dead-beat biological father. 

They earnestly struggle weather to keep their child, have an abortion or just give the child up for adoption. Some gave birth and then abandoned their child, while others tried to find a way to get the baby's biological father to love their child as much as they did. Unfortunately, the odds were NOT in their favor. 

Sadly today, two thirds of ALL Black children born in America and abroad are born out of wedlock, and the saddest thing about the the young mothers being dumped, is that so many wonderful Black children get dumped as well!  This very critical issue has become very repetitious over the past 30 plus years now! How can we expect to mold and shape the future of Black America for the better, when well over 50% of our babies are being raised by babies?


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  1. I wonder if people ever thought about building daycares next to the schools for these young ladies to drop their kids during the day? having that alone would lower the dropout rate for these woman by at least 20 percent. I know it won't solve all of their issues, but at least it would be a good place to start.


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